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The Shah TEAM lab is a leader in the new and developing field of “3D-Printable Materials Development and Characterization”. We develop novel processes for engineering new 3D-inks that greatly expands the variety of materials that are compatible with the additive manufacturing technique of direct ink writing. An additional focus of the group is defining “printability”, or the characteristics that enable a material ink to be successfully 3D-printed into a bulk structure. We also perform characterization, functional testing, and optimization of resulting 3D-printed structures for both biological and non-biological applications.

Located in the heart of the NU Medical Campus in downtown Chicago, the TEAM lab interacts closely with medical clinicians and surgeons. Through additional close collaborations with Materials Science faculty, the same technologies developed by the TEAM lab for medical applications have been successfully extended to many additional material systems with applications in energy, smart materials, aerospace, and advanced structures. Our specific projects are listed on our research page.

Shah TEAM Lab in Jan. 2016

Shah TEAM Lab in Jan. 2016

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