Shah & Woodruff 3D Printed Ovary Bioprosthesis Restores Ovarian Function to Sterilized Mice

The results of a collaboration between members of Prof. Ramille Shah’s and Prof. Teresa Woodruff’s laboratories working on 3D printed bioprosthetic ovaries  has been published in Nature Communications! The collaboration seeks to find a tissue engineered solution for oncofertility patients. The article describes a new method for 3D printing gelatin into detailed scaffolds. With this platform, the influence of scaffold pore geometry on ovarian cell health was studied. Using the optimized design, 3D printed cell-seeded implants resulted in full ovarian function restoration – producing hormones and restoring fertility in sterile mice. See the born pups in the links below!

You can learn more from the Nature Communications article here and as well as hear from Profs. Shah and Woodruff and co-first authors Dr. Alexandra Rutz and Dr. Monica Laronda in the Northwestern press release.
Collaborator Websites:

Woodruff Lab
Laronda Lab

Interview with FOX 32 Chicago

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